Nhien Nguyen
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Happiness can be found anywhere – even in the simplest things.

MUJI knows to keep things clean and simple,
because what’s more important is you and the experience the product gives you.


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Billboards pertaining to their luggage line would display at airports,
a place where people are often stressed out and could use little reminders.

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Digital Weather Board

Screens at bus shelters will prompt a MUJI product and a simple joy that are both relevant to the current weather.

Shoppers would be given a coupon via mail or in store with every purchase.
The “little joys” on the coupon varies based on the item they bought.

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A Simple Joy For A Simple Joy

MUJI knows how great of an impact something simple could have. 
That's why for World Homeless Day MUJI will partner with customers in a Buy-One-Give-One to give to those in need.

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CW: Joel Austin